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Very Bork.
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FS/Ft: Ninja 90/4500 with reg and 68/4500 without reg.

Ninja 90ci 4500psi (black)
manufacturing date 12/09, good shape with HP regulator and empire tankcover.
$90 shipped & paypaled

Pure energy 45ci 4500psi
manufacturing date 07/08, apart froma cracked gauge its in good shape.
$30 sipped & paypaled

Both are located in Georgetown KY, and will be shipped anywhere in the us or canada.
Paypal only.

I live in sweden, i used the tanks when i was at Living legends 5. I cannot use them in europe since tanks must be PI-certified over here, so i left them at a friends house (Millertime on mcb) to sell them in the US.
I have 100% positive feedback so i can be trusted
Now 200% more Bork then the next leading brand!

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