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Originally Posted by p8ntninja View Post
Probably my BE Stringray II. Crap on 12'ies horrible plastic clamshell body held in place with crummy plastic pins. Worst part is I spent an additional $20 on a aftermarket barrel from BE that I thought would make it better.

Was it the black glassfiber body or the later ICE translucent plastic ones? They cheapened the construction when those were made. A very important piece of steel in the grip frame that held the sear in place properly was left out after they changed the plastic. As to crap on 12 grams... ALL SEMI-AUTOS are crap on 12 grams. You're relying on a tiny amount of co2 to both fire the ball, and recock the bolt. Anyway the original glassfiber body Stingray 1s and 2s were all but indestructible. Drive over them with a 4x4 and they still shoot well enough, and are literally the AK-47 of the paintball world (right down to the use of push pins). They certainly tolerate dirt ingress better than anything else.
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