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Price Check / Tuna-Emag

I have been scaling back lately, playing mostly mech or pump, when I can even get to play .
Last few times I played electro I used the Viking, that thing is positively sick, and real air efficient .
I have a pristine Emag I got new from Tuna a few years ago .
I added the Xmod software 1.7 and the Exile body with a Redz lever clamping feedneck .
Theres nothing wrong with it at all, its just been collecting dust and hasnt been used but once this year .
Tunapack battery, Tunablade trigger, Tuna rail, Xmod controller, charger .
Whats all that worth as a package ?
I may have to part it out to get what I think its worth, but I hate to do that .
The lowers if parted would be complete, I wouldnt even remotely consider parting trigger, battery, charger, etc.
Thats if I sell it . Just sort of thinking about it out loud . Opinions please .
Heres some older pics of it . It looks the same now .

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