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Originally Posted by chopper duke View Post
Why was it a PITA for you? I've never had any issues getting pics off my Nikon. Oh wait, Nikon. My bad.
Roflmao! You're too funny. That's Pat's fight now. I'm an Apple cheerleader these days.

I hated having to turn on my clunky pc, connect my camera, open the canon app, wait on it to upload each image. Then open Lightroom3 (which I still have a full working copy of, if you want it) upload all my images there, sort them all out, then process them, pick ones I want to convert and save, then upload them to my website. Maybe my process was the long bumpy way but I imagine it's the same for most people.

I think mobile phones will do everything a dslr will do with software eventually, we already have image stabilization and HDR, but zoom is tough but there are cases that you can connect lenses to. But for the casual photo taker, an iPhone 4S is pretty flipping good, you don't need to know how to process a photo on an app for an image to come out looking sharp, colorful, & great. Besides, digital photo is soo saturated and photos are so disposable these days it's hardly worth the time to post process unless you're getting paid anyway. There's apps though on the phone that are free that will upload the image immediately to photobucket and other storage-share sites, and theres iPhoto for $5 which is like a simple LightRoom for your thumbs if you wanted to post process anyway. So I think point and shoots are going obsolete and dslr's will just remain for the hobbyists like film cameras are today. So that's why I sold mine, in a nut shell and why I think they're a PITA.
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