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Ya I spent like 2 hours messing around with that spring, when I put the hook in the same direction you had in the picture the mag still wiggles out with ease and when there is air in it it almost spit the mag out as soon as I put it in.......I have been messing with it now my mag release is damaged and worn down on the top from the mags sliding on it, now it dosnt matter how I have the spring the mag still wiggles out and when it has air in it the second I take my first shot my mag and all my balls come flying out.

I'll be posting picture of my mag release soon to show how much it has been worn down due to the mags being able to slip by, like its supost to be straight and it worn down almost to a 45 dagree angle causeing the mags to slide out with even more ease.

I'll probably end up trying to file the top of the mag release to make it straight again but then the mag with sit lower when locked in place...maybe the nipple wont reach the co2 port in the mag though....then again its worth a shot I spent alot of money for that tiny pieace of aluminum.
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