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Some tricks I have learned in my year of playing with my ZoomCam, keep the gun/camera on the target way longer than you are used to. In paintball we have a tendency to shoot and quickly move to the next target. But, you want good footage, so you have to shoot, and WAIT for the paint to get there, AND for the guy to react to the hit... You really want to capture them raising their hand, as then the viewer at home knows they are out. It is totally against your normal thoughts but, it really makes a difference in your filming. And it will cause you to get eliminated at times...

I would sell the contour you have, and get the contour roam... The regular contours only have 130 degree field of view, and the contour roam in 720 has 170 degree field of view, which REALLY helps players see what is going on both beside you and around you. Course the roam doesn't have a removable battery, so you only get the single charge per day... I've filmed for hours before and haven't yet run out of batteries. But, I usually only play about 3-4 hours at a time, and with breaks, and dead zone, that is about 2 hours of recording.

I turn on my zoomcam first, always, and make sure it is recording... (yeah, if I hit record too quick, it doesn't record... I've missed some great games learning that trick). I also look at my viewfinder on my zoomcam before the game starts to make sure it is recording and also framed correctly.

I turn on my roam when the horn sounds to start the game.

On your reticle, I would diffuse it so it isn't solid, it is hard to see past. I use a large plus sign for mine, and then ghost it so you can see through it. Smaller is better.

Welcome to the fun of multicamera paintball filming/playing! It really adds a layer of difficulty to the game, but I REALLY enjoy the fun of capturing my kills on film.

I played Saturday, and am getting ready to upload the first game of the day, not much ZoomCam footage in it, as it was my first time at that field in years, but I got a few kills. It will be on my youtube channel for subscribers. I left it long because there were a ton of other players in the footage, and I figured they would like to see themselves on film.
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