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Originally Posted by VooDooAddict View Post
Impressive setup as always halo.
Interesting. I've found them a great out of the box platform for semi-auto First Strikes. What is it that you've found that is better?
Thanks for the compliment!!

Even now that I have the velocity fluctuations under control, it's a rare day that I don't have a full 100rds fired without a breach break. Things have improved somewhat since I installed the Killjoy Trigger and, the LAPCO mag release but, the actual cause(s) is(are) undetermined. I am running the correct mag springs, my detents are in great shape, and I've polished down the internal areas of the mags where the follower rubs. This has happened at the chrono station with mags loaded there (this shows it's not the rounds getting damaged in game while in mag pouches). Just about a month and a half ago, I experienced my first walk-on day without a breach break.

I'll link a video later (can't get to it from here) but, there's another odd problem that has reared it's head a couple times- inability to seat the mag. This will be best explained by watching the video. The messed up part is, this isn't exactly a complicated mechanism but, yet I can't figure out just how this happens.

Finally, it comes down to Tiberius Arms as a company. As individuals the employees have pretty good customer service (Especially since Waverly started with them). If you need a new part, etc, they'll help you out, they'll take your marker and return it pretty quickly. However, if it's anything more complicated than that (i.e. a problem inherent to the design), they simply will not help you.

For example, the barrel jam problem associated with the Rifled barrel. They took my marker, replaced the o-ring between the ASA and the body, sent it back. The problem persisted. Ultimately, after many, many rounds fired, and breach breaks experienced, talking to Sergey from LAPCO, and, Eric from Tiberius, I figured out that you need to clean the barrel, after every 80-100rds, even if you don't have a barrel/breach break. Failure to do

Or in the case of the Velocity Consistency issue (link to the thread where I posted my findings). In addition to impacting my Big Game, and walk on play, the gun literally cost me a first place win in the Eastern U.S. Top Paintball Sniper competition. Five shots for five targets at different ranges, you need to hit the targets in a specific order (to each shooter). It should have been a cakewalk for me. I had all of the necessary range elevations on my card. I hit my first target fine. Second target, after adjusting my elevation for the known range, I miss low. I then apply 24" of holdover, I hit the same spot. My third shot with the same holdover, flew way over the target. Later on, I did extensive velocity testing. I found that with the rifled barrel, the Standard Deviation (SD) of my shots to be 12.72FPS. This stands in stark contrast to what I got with the LAPCO .690 barrel (SD = 4.68). In case it's not clear, double those numbers to determine what you would expect for approximately 95% of your shots to be within. If this marker had been more consistant, I would've placed competitively in this round and would have taken first place.

When I contacted Tiberius Arms, Eric initially tried to tell me, "you're never going to have a perfect paintball gun", when I re-iterated that I was trying to get my velocity back to what I had with the smoothbore, he had no solutions, no information (couldn't answer what the spring rate of the regulator spring was- as this would help me obtain a better spring), and ultimately said that the engineers (who would be able to answer questions or develop a solution) were too busy with the other portion of their market (less lethal).

Ultimately, I had to spend my own time and money to develop a work around, working with Ray from Ninja, Sergey from LAPCO, Palmer's Pursuit, and personal friends of mine.

As for my future, Stay tuned (I usually don't post anything 'til it's done).
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Unfortunately all of you have played the one "speedball" game of paintball for so long you can't conceive of other ways to do this and hence any new ideas seem stupid.

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