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Canon loyalty program:
  • Find an old canon, film is ok (at least I got them to accept my Rebel xt)
  • Keep an eye out on the canon website for when a refurb that you want pop up.
  • Call canon loyalty # and tell them that you want to get a camera under the canon loyalty program.
  • They will then ask for the serial number of your old camera.
  • After that you can proceed through the ordering as normal.

This is canon loyalty number: 866-443-8002

The loyalty program is phone only.

To response to OP:

I would still go with the 5D if you can ever find them in stock. I just got the 5D last week and the quality of a full frame is just amazing. Keep in mind that I haven't had much of an experience with the 7D outside of playing with them at bestbuy.

Can you share what does your friend mean by the 5D would surfer a lot if you use it with the glass that you currently have? Do you have all EF lens?

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