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Originally Posted by BLachance75 View Post
I unscrewed the screw on the bottom of the trigger and that seemed to have fixed it. It is shooting good now.

One other question, what is the best kind of glue to use on the feed tube. It is completely off at the moment. I think I actually might tap a set screw onto the bottom of the feed block but for now I will have to use a little bit of glue.
A few dabs of super glue should hold nicely. If you can use it on a DW with a T6rs barrel tip I don't see why it wouldn't work here.

Also does it slide in the whole way or is there some resistance towards the end, but still a little ways to go? If there is then it might need a little extra force to press fit in.
Originally Posted by Talfuchre View Post
I will lock this damned thread up if anyone posts that disgusting picture I saw once.
It like the CCM version of Two Girls One Cup.
I will ban folks.... I swear.
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