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CFC Paintball Armory - Their new field in Central Ohio - A Review

I recently had the opportunity to play paintball at CFC Paintball Armory's new field near Baltimore, Ohio. I would like to write a quick review of the field. The field is a GREAT Woodsball field! There are structures, castles, bunkers and LOTS of woods with neat trails running through them! The people that run it do a great job and are very safety-conscious. These folks have played paintball for years and understand the game very well. The terrain is varied with ravines, open fields, with and w/o structures, there is a small creek and an area where mowed paths run in between patches of trees and brush. This area makes for intense play if you get squads trying to move through it! I have played here quite a bit and they keep improving the field by leaps and bounds! There have been new struc...tures added since I played a week ago! This field is REALLy worth checking out. They also allow you to use your own paintballs! Since this is supposed to be a review I should post a few negatives. Negative Number 1 - There is an abundance of Poison Ivy! lots of the stuff! Be warned, if you have severe reactions to the stuff; be careful! Negative Number 2 - No HPA fills, come prepared! Negative Number 3 - there have been low turn-outs for their games. I really think that once people see the quality of this place as a field that the numbers will start to increase. This place is awesome, trust me! I have played most major (and many minor) fields in Ohio, and this is one of my favorite places to play! It is close to home, economical, laid back, but safe and offers a variety of terrains and challenges! Give them a try! You won't regret it!
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