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The " What is it? " thread. (read rules please)

Hey all,

New item on post: #12

There have been afew things come up on this forum, some of which have been mine, where an item (s) that the owner does not know much/anything about is identified and done so fairly accurately. This, I believe, shows that MCB is not full of brain dead ballers that couldn't tell you what the difference was between a 1921 Nash and a pile of wood if they watched an hour long video on it! So why not make a thread for those mystery items that ya can't quite seem to figer out eh?


::: When posting an item, include any information that you think might be relevant. (see my item below for example)

::: When commenting, asking questions or answering them, please write in who you're aiming the post at before posting. Such as " @ PBG3 - ".

So I'll go first........

This is something I found in a in a shop I work at. You would think it was a pocket watch at one time, but it's hard to say because both sides must be twisted off and on in order to see inside. You would think that if it was something with a dial or hands to read, that it would be easier to get into it. I'm thinking that maybe it's gauge of some sort. But then again, why the twist off side plates eh?

Alrighty, let make this thing happen!



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