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Hey Donut

Take that same pan or similar - heat to 375 with butter, minced garlic, and some herbs de provence seasoning in the pan (about 1/8 in deep layer to 1/4in)

Take 1 tray of Portobello caps from Costco (the super size ones) rinse the caps then when the over is heated and the pan is hot

throw some marsala cooking wine into the pan

throw the caps face up in the pan

cook 10 minutes

during that 10 minutes get a bowl and toss in

Italian Bread Crumbs
Asiago Cheese (grated/shredded)
Little bit of Pepper
Parmesian Cheese
(note the cheeses here are dry cheese)
mix thoroughly

Grate some fresh white cheddar

At the 10 minute mark take out the pan and cover the cap with the bread crumb mix
drop in to the bread crumb mix Blue Cheese or Fetta crumbles whatever you like better
cover this whole mix with grated white cheddar

cook again for another 10


let me know what u think =)
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