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Wildcat Paintball in Williamson IL: A Great place for St Louis area Paintball Players

Nuthin Like Digging up an OOOOLLDDD Thread and breathing some life into it.

Last Sunday I met my son who lives in St Louis at Wildcat in Williamson IL.
Here is my review of the place. As you can tell after reading this I am kinda excited about the place.....

If I could give this place SIX Stars out of 5...I would!!!! Players from the St Louis area REALLY should make the short drive up 55 north to Play this gem of a paintball course. It has so many reasons to go there. Wildcat Paintball in Williamson IL offers some Truly OUTSTANDING Fields to Play. The prices are very inexpensive, Affordable, CHEAP.
I found some Really Good Pump Players there, along with a group of good Pneumatic Players. I found a good mix of Young Guns playing speedball guns, guys in Camo playing Milsim Guns and Some Well Seasoned Pump Players. Everyone there had a Great attitude and were willing to mix in and play on any and all of the intriguing fields they have to offer. You don't feel like a newby there for very long, they will make you feel at home.
I had heard lots of good things about Wildcat Paintball, I had played with players from Wildcat's Pump Team the One Shot Wonders at Spring Pump Event in 11 and 12 and FallPumpEvent in 11. My son lives in St Louis, it is less than an hour drive for him. I am in Lincoln IL so it was a natural for us to meet there, a 90 min drive for me and as stated above, just under an hour drive for him from St Louis, actually St Charles Mo.
We arrived there at 10am on Sunday, the crowd was starting to show up. We set up our markers and got all our gear ready, then we paid our, field fee ($10 ea) and air fees ($5ea) for the two of us, plus a case of paint for $50 came to a modest total of $80. (It is Cash or check, NO Credit or Debit cards)
We recognized some players (Ben, Big Ben & Jess) and asked about playing. Everyone decided to play the Western Town. It a REAL little western town, Real multi-room buildings (a couple Dozen) build from wood cut from the many acres of woods there. It is a impressive and FUN challenge playing this town. Great angles to catch your opposition...or get caught by them. Running from building to building to attack and evade! Ask the regulars where the hot spots are they will pass on good information. I've been to places that they would set you up to be eliminated quick, NOT here, They play fair and make it fun for everyone. We played a couple times early in the day and a couple more times late in the day, it was a thrill every game.

We played the Tires Field, basically a Speedball Filed with BIG tires stacked as bunkers, in a Mirror image field layout for some exciting speedball action.
We played the upper Old SKool field at the top of a hill, built out of an interesting variety of bunkers, including a pieces from a giant water slide that had gone out of business.
We played the Castle field, which is a long field with rolling hills with man made boulders, a couple Castle walls, trenches to run through, dirt berms to hide behind, a stream, bridges, trees (Lots of EM), heavy underbrush, wooden bunkers...and MORE. It is not the typical capture the castle set up, it is a long field with many places to run to and hide behind or under. The regulars will tell you where to run and hide so you aren't a sitting target.
There is a World War 2, D-Day field where you can start your assault from a landing craft and fight your way across and around multiple places to hide and attack from (beached boats, a downed aircraft, numerous bunkers with sandbags as protection) on your way to a relatively realistic and close to impenetrable German Bunker, built up into a hill with machine bun pits flanking it on both sides. There was a barrels field that we never got a chance to play, as well as a H-U-G-E and Expansive Woodsball field with wandering paths throughout acres of wooded territory, that didn't get played that day because of the heat.
This place has great fields Now and lots of plans for improving and growth. I can't wait to see the plans turning into reality
Wildcat is a Sunday ONLY paintball park so Take Saturday OFF and save your money and energy till you get to Wildcat Paintball on a Sunday. Check their schedule of a small group of Holiday Sundays that they aren't open. You will have an INCREDIBLE day of variety on fields offering many MANY Fun Challenges.
You can wear your bright colors if you like but the colors green, brown and black and many kinds of camo seem to be really at home at Wildcat. Come and Play there, I'll be going back!
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