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TM15, TM7, Etek 3lt, Phenom, G6R, Blackcell Ion

Bt TM15 i have the soggy modded black shell and I have the original like new shell in terrapat and i have the tm series rip clip and techt mr.t bolt if intrested and i have a flasc barrel! i have the box and stuff it all came with! $400

BT Tm7 olive with the box and all stock stuff and a ripclip and the lapco silencer shroud!$350

Hde Forest digital planet eclipse etek 3 LT like new in box
with the km yellow column and the stock goodies
few cases thru it

Tippmann Phenom with Egrip and Qloader with mp5 magazine and the tippmann mp5 shroud cut to fit $450

smart parts ion with spec ops blackcell body kit with airthru stock!
cp trigger TRADED!!!!

I have a 2011 dust black with gloss black accents in great shape and ill trade fo a 2012 g6r or a unique colored one!
I have a ton of stuff for sale and trade so let me know what ya wanna trade wise guns or gear and i have stuff to add and ill look at anything esp some new g6rs or empire sniper??

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