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Bolt not resetting occasionally

Level 7, Minimag valve, changed O-rings in power tube and on/off with proper O-rings from a kit.

When I disassembled the power tube I discovered an O-ring behind the spacer but also one in front of the spacer. There is a third one on the tip. When I reassembled I left out the O-ring in front of the spacer, that is the one closest to the brass tip but not on it. I don't think this one is supposed to be there. Ran oil through and oiled everything before reassembly.

The original problem was gassing down the barrel. Now ocassionally the bolt does not reset. Its not gassing down the barrel. The sear is good. The spring was replaced after I discovered the bolt not resetting. The spring is gold coloured. The problem persists with or with out the Noxx twist/cocker adapter installed.

Is the spacer ( .220 ) to short? I am at a loss to figure this one out. I havent had to do any maintenance on any of my mags for a couple of years. What am I forgetting?

Any help is greatly appreciated.
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