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I haven't got money to throw at this, nor do I know much about this kind of thing, but this MIGHT just be the end-be-all to making the perfect mask cam.
Believe it or not these are made by the same big players that make one of the top 5 action cameras, one of these = GoPro, Contour, Drift, Liquid Image, Oregon Scientific. Not going to say which one though. The cost price of the unit is in the high $XX range unlike the 1080P keychain cameras going on eBay which don't compare in quality.

Originally Posted by dundadun View Post
So add a Bluetooth and a phone app so you can adjust image,
sew the board and battery into a bounce cap to protect it,
And pop the camera behind your lens( between your eyes)?

Hmm, what does it record onto?
I am actually experimenting with connecting a small RF video transmitter to the component video output so it can be converted into a wireless security camera or use a wireless view finder. Records on MicroSD card.

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micro sd
so you would have to add a mic if you want sound recording?
saves you time track leveling in iMovie if you are editing, you can just lay up the video and dub in music.

possibly put it inside one of those life proof cell phone cases and then just lead out the lens wires to mount in mask with the life proof case containing board etc. in the straps. Heat shrink wrap the wire leads for extra insulation and protection.
It has an onboard microphone but its just for basic audio. Once you connect an external audio source to pin 8 (+) and pin 9 (ground) it will override it. I connected a $10 spy ear and got amplified sound. The GoPro actually captures a lot better audio as you can see is this comparison video clip I just uploaded = hackhdcamera - YouTube

These can mount in a lot of places since they are really small. I was going to mount one on my front bumper by taking off the lens, drilling a hole, slipping it through so the PCB is behind the lens, putting back on the lens, and wiring it up to my car battery wiring up the status led and button on my dash somewhere

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It was mentioned in the other thread that it can fit inside a GoPro case. By those measurements, I'd say that's about right.
That is correct, it was not intended to fit the GoPro case but it is a perfect fit. You need to use the skeleton housing which make the terminals could be accessible. I have a video showing it fitting but Vegas keeps freezing when I try to render it so give me a day or two. I uploaded a couple pictures here for now = HackHD Photo Gallery

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Like I's GoPro threaded!

Ragecams carries a huge range of Gopro threaded lenses. They're a bit pricey, but I'm not sure where else to snag em. Maybe direct from Sunex, but they aren't trying to be a retailer.

I just noticed that the GoPro is using a 16mm threaded lens? The HackHD uses a 12mm threaded lens, I thought they were the same because the wide angle part of the lens are identical sizes but I guess the threading is different. You can get lenses for this board at They were nice enough to send me a couple samples which I tried out and they worked fine. Still trying to find a good pinhole lens for the HackHD though.

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Seems to me it would be a simple operation to remove the lens from the board, build a nice extension cable for it, and then re-attach.
We requested something like this from the manufacturer but they recommended the lens / sensor be as close to the PCB as possible to prevent any bad feedback.

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I like this project; video quality is very sharp -- you might be able to out-Gopro Gopro (at least the HERO1).

However, the worst thing about the Gopro is the form factor, which you have seemingly replicated. So everybody is back to square one scratching their heads and wondering how to mount the thing.

Which direction is even "up" on the imager? Is that configurable considering it's a 9MP sensor?

Speaking of configurability... being able to program the thing for different applications might be nice.

One of my peeves with the Gopro is the lack of programmability, even though I'm certain that the hardware underneath is very capable. If it can't be reprogrammed to do simple things like an intervalometer or continuous-recording-mode-with-event-save type stuff... might be a tough sell. Sure, the intervalometer could be external... but that's more crap to buy and wire up when the hardware should be perfectly capable of doing it. Probably not applicable to paintball, but more for other applications.
The up is when the terminals are on your right side with the camera lens facing away from your eyes. You could always use sony Vegas to rotate the video, its pretty easy as I just found out.

We are actually working on a continuous recording feature for the HackHD which is 2-3 months away from being available. It will basically delete the first 4GB video and rewrite over it as the memory runs out so you can run this thing forever if you have an external power supply and have 6-8 hours of footage on a 32GB microSD card when it needs to be reviewed. Going to make a great taxicam or security cam. Can also connect to DVR with the video out to record continuously at 720 x 480 resolution on it and then have the board recording contentiously in HD so when something does happen, you have the HD footage.
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