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Originally Posted by hackhd View Post
I am actually experimenting with connecting a small RF video transmitter to the component video output so it can be converted into a wireless security camera or use a wireless view finder. Records on MicroSD card.
By the way, I think you mean "composite video", not component video.

Originally Posted by hackhd View Post
The up is when the terminals are on your right side with the camera lens facing away from your eyes. You could always use sony Vegas to rotate the video, its pretty easy as I just found out.
Someone correct me if I'm wrong, but rotation is not a smartrender-able transformation; loss of quality will be involved.

If possible, it's best to get the camera to do it.

Originally Posted by hackhd View Post
We are actually working on a continuous recording feature for the HackHD which is 2-3 months away from being available. It will basically delete the first 4GB video and rewrite over it as the memory runs out so you can run this thing forever if you have an external power supply and have 6-8 hours of footage on a 32GB microSD card when it needs to be reviewed. Going to make a great taxicam or security cam. Can also connect to DVR with the video out to record continuously at 720 x 480 resolution on it and then have the board recording contentiously in HD so when something does happen, you have the HD footage.
Continuous recording is a dicey feature which needs a significant amount of thought put into it. In "dash cam" mode, as soon as the thing is powered up, it should start recording. The button would then control "event capture". If you just saw something interesting, then you would press the button, and it would save the video to a save directory that won't be auto-deleted. So say the thing breaks the videos up into 5-minute intervals -- when the button is pressed, the previous 5 minute interval is saved off, the current video is immediately saved, and the next 5 minute interval is saved. You also need to gracefully handle the poweroff event.

Date/time stamp is also helpful, at the very least on the files. Does this have an RTC?

The intervalometer is nice for RC usage -- say I want to just throw the thing on an RC plane and take full 9MP photos every 2 seconds. No extra timer board, no servo shutter control, just plug and go.

There are some other programming modes that I could think of that would be useful for me; more along the lines of security camera usage. How’s the standby power drain on this thing? Can the live-preview circuitry be turned off to save power? And how’s the low-light sensitivity? Is the IR filter removable?

My real point was that, if possible, the thing should be user-programmable. Right now you are sort of mimicking the Gopro’s form factor as well as its lack of features, which is probably a bad place to be.

Just some stuff for you to think about.
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