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Biggest issue for me on this camera is cost. $140 plus if I plan to use it for paintball I'll be needing to buy a Gopro case which is $40 so I'm looking at $180, plus I'll probably need some mounts for either my marker or mask which will cost me about $20 for the basics ones. So I'm already up $200, not to mention I'll still need a memory card. A gopro hero with several mounts and a case retails $240. If I did a little searching I'm sure I could find it on amazon or some other website for about $220. So we are looking at a $20 difference to get a gopro vs a hackhd. In my opinion for $20 more I would definitely take a Gopro. All the problems have been worked out. All in all if the price of Hackhd was a little cheaper then what its posted at ($130), I would buy it. Me personally I would still take an 808 camera right now. An 808 camera goes for $38. You can make a case out of a tick tac box for $2, or mount it inside a mask by doing the 90 degree mod. Get some .67 or 180 degree wide lens for $5-10and you've almost got the same fov as a gopro (not quite but almost) and you've only spent around $50 in all (excluding the micro sd) and you have decent hd 720 quality. Here are a couple comparisons below I found on youtube (BTW I think 808 quality is comparable to all the other high end camera's out right now):

808 #11/#16 (watch in 720):
Hackhd/Contour+/Gopro (watch in 1080):
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