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Originally Posted by Ando View Post
Pics or you're full of ****.

AGD NEVER made a silver lvl 7 spring. Unless you're color blind and getting gold and silver mixed up. Only other color AGD did was black.

I've never seen a silver lvl 7 spring.
Man relax. Over the years there have been all sorts of colors of main springs for the Mag. Some from AGD some from other aftermarket sources. I know I have Gold, silverish, white [expect corrosion], black ones and ones that look like they have no coating at all. The "gold" is just a cadmium coating for corrosion resistance.

As to the silver for level 7, once I pull out my stuff out of the closet I'll take a picture of the "silverish" one that has been on my lvl 7 Mag for a decade or more.

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