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Thanks for the comments everyone.

This morning I had the time to make a very simple aluminum lever (the actual levers will be steel) to test the lever mechanism. Overall it seems to work great, at certain points it can feel alittle rough but that seems to just be a matter of cleaning up the slots in the aluminum body where the pin runs through. Next task will be to begin working on the trigger mechanism which was a complete redesign of the ones I currently make, so hopefully it works well... fingers crossed.

There are certainly a few things that will be changed in future iterations of the lever action design, the biggest thing being a two piece design that bolts together (one piece will contain the trigger mechanism on the top and the second will contain the lever mechanism, but the core concept will remain the same. Other changes will hopefully be a bit heavier delrin slide, the current one seems to work fine, but it doesn't hurt to add alittle delrin just in case.

If anyone has any input on the design that could make it better, I'd love to hear it.

At rest:

Pushed Forward (The throw of the lever is about 60 degrees, not to shabby for a nelson valve train):

Showing internal connection, clean and simple:

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