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WALZ/MAR Grease gun build for Rover (Completed)(Round 2 Completed Again)

Mar sent me a pirate stock, a pmi body and a crossman
trigger group and told me make it "right for my partner".

Here's what I have done to her

Added a new muzzle end to her
cut a quick strip notch
Modified the crossman trigger group and made a RVA
Replaced the top tube with one somewhat longer
and made it springfed
Made a springloaded thadaptor for faster reloading
Made a removable grease shroud for the top tube
Added a front site and a rear site
Poweredcoated all in black texture
Made a brass bolt end cover, brass pump arm and brass
cover plate for end where cutout is exposed when using crossman trigger groups,
Polished all brass accents
Added a mega beefy wood grease handle for a secure grab.

Still need to modify the valve and test.
Almost there with this one...

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Attachment 33336

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