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Originally Posted by BlueDragonX View Post
How smooth is it on a Gargoyle compared to the stock overcocking kit?
Originally Posted by RTR View Post
For those wanting to see them on a marker I will do that when they are done. Right now I am handling these with kid gloves so I don't want to mount them yet.
I did mount one in the very beginning to check everything. There is one consideration to be made when comparing this to others. It's metal, thus it's heavier than most if not all undercocking kits. Because of the weight of course the gun will feel a little front heavy as expected.

As far as smooth goes we shall wait and see when they are all done. Hopefully the Ano does not encroach to much on the guide rod but there made to fit snuggly enough to provide stability. ~Which could also mean some break in time.

There is something that I am also trying to do with these which could help with there smoothness. We shall see if I can get this done.
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