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So after a little research it looks like my wacky idea would be possible, though I'm not sure it would be easier or better than doing a Spyder detente up through the bottom...

My thought is: drill a hole in the side of the body just in front of where the ball sits. Then, drill one through the pump arm and channel it slightly - the holes would line up when the pump was far enough back for the bolt to clear the feedneck. Somehow (and this is the part I haven't solved yet) affix a Tippmann detente to the arm so that its "finger" is poking through, pointing toward the back of the gun. Pump back, the holes align, and the finger goes into the body of the marker right in front of the ball. Pump forward, the finger collapses (pointing backwards means it would naturally want to collapse on the forward motion), and the bolt seals off the breech. Crazy? Or crazy enough to work? It would be easier if these came with metal pump arms...
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