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Originally Posted by Talfuchre View Post
I know this is going to sound crazy but... turn your VRA around 180 degrees and it will be PERFECT.
Mind. Blown. Such a simple solution, thank you!

Can't wait for new videos. I already had to talk myself down from completely taking the marker apart last night. I made myself wait for one more weekend of play and another viewing of the videos before I get too deep, but I'll be sweet-spotting and turning the VRA around before the weekend arrives.

Not to gush too much, but your videos are awesome, especially for someone like me, who is a little mechanically inclined, but has very little experience with this type of thing!

And a big thanks to you Mel, one of the biggest reasons I went with CCM when I decided to go pump was the reputation you have for customer service and the involvement I saw from you here on the forum, so your kind offer to assist only cemented my new-found loyalty!
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