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PPS Fan Summer SURGE Gun sale! 20+ Markers F/S/T MANY PL

Originally Posted by SuicidePhil View Post
normally i would ignore ridiculous rules and cash requirements like yours..but then i saw your feedback.......and then i saw your guns. holy **** you got some nice gats there. every one of those deserves only the most serious and worthy buyer. best of luck to you, i know i couldnt part with some of those guns. :tup: (because i read the rules)

PBX Autorocker: $1895 FIRM

Story behind these guns (Copied from UThomas' site):
In 2003-2004ish PBX developed the MQ valve for the autococker, basically replacing all the lower tube mechanical internals with an electronically driven solenoid/poppet setup There were many delays in getting it to market, and major supply issues. After the first batch of valves went out, they began advertising that they were going to be building a limited run midblock autococker (called the "autorocker") and aftermarket grip frame based around the MQ valve (which eliminates sear geometry issues and allows for better performance). They made a few prototypes (using legit WGP bodies as a base) and posted some videos on the internet of them shooting ~30 balls per second - very impressive and getting a lot of attention from the autococker community. Unfortunately, things fell apart at PBX in 2005 and the company effectively dissolved. A second wave of MQ valves had come out but the supply has since evaporated, and the 'autorocker' never hit the market. Apparently there are less than 10 other working models out there, with estimates putting the number at 4-5, and maybe another 30-50 bodies and frames that will probably never be put together or see the light of day. The code for the frame board for example was largely lost in a hard drive crash.

Please note: The PBX Autorocker is the fastest autococker ever produced. It is capable of an astounding 33bps (it is capable of this due to the MQ valve as well as a revolutionary 5-way front solenoid), has a fully function eye sytem and an LCD board. This is as good as it gets, and about as rare as it gets.

This specific guns history:
This very marker was the given to PBX's head web designer as a gift. The marker was initially put together by the creator himself, and was used sparsely for a year or two. From then on the marker went into storage and had not seen the light of day. Armory recieved this marker directly from its first owner, the head web designer for PBX, who did their hosting. He traded this very marker to Armory in an "untested" condition as the last of the last PBX Autorocker prototypes to ever be completed. From there the marker was sent directly to a friend and owner of another PBX, a rare someone familiar with them.

This marker was then completely dissasembled, inspected, service, and reconstructed from the ground up. At the same time the upgrades you see were installed, and the completed project was shipped back to Armory. It is working flawlessly, as is kept in a padded suitcase which is kept in a climate controlled environment.


•One of five working models in existence, PBX Autorocker prototype
•PBX factory midblocked body with shuttle block, bolt and black pullpin
•PBX prototype frame
•PBX prototype LCD board and code
•PBX prototype 5-way front solenoid
•Full MQ valve (some MQ valves can be tempermental, this one has NO history of problems)
•Fully functioning factory eye system
•Dual detents
•Bob Long alias trigger with bearing mod
•CCM Midrise feedneck
•Shocktech VA
•Macdev Gladiator Reg
•Planet Eclipse Nexus Ram
•Plaent Eclipse Nexus QEV pair
•Planet Eclipse Nexus LPR
•WGP frontblock
•Dye .45 grips
•WGP direct mount on/off ASA
•Dye 12" one piece "oldschool" style UL (extremely hard to find, porportions the gun perfectly).
•This is an incredible small, light, efficient and fast autococker, hence the "autorocker nickname
•Armory feels safe saying that this is one of, if not the best condition PBX Autorocker prototype in existence (lowest "mileage" so to speak, been in storage most of its life)

Bob Long Ripper Victory: PENDING


-Gloss purple and dust white factory anno (limited color run, only 3-5 produced)
-Supercharged engine
-Bob Long 2 piece 14" matching barrel with two backs
-Bob Long leverlock feedneck
-Bob Long edition GatWrap XL
-Bob Long white grips
-Pressure Tester
-Small Rebuild kit
-Original box with sleeve

Bob Long "Grim Reaper" Lasered Closer: $525 FIRM


-Custom, beautifully lasered Bob Long Closer
-Lasering says "Death, be not proud. though some have called thee mighty and dreadful, thou art no so"
-Proficiency engine
-4C eyes
-Bob Long 360 Reg
-Dragon double finger style trigger
-Marq'd for Death grips
-Bob Long gear drive on/off ASA
-Bob Long 2 piece 14" barrel
-Excellent condition
-Cycles, but will need a new cup seal (costs $25 from BL factory direct)

Bob Long Ripper 3: $495 FIRM


-1 of 148 ripper 3 bodies ever produced
-Lightest of all of the gen 4 timmies produced
-Bob Long Vice pillow bolt
-Bob Long frenzy board
-Bob Long newest gen front block and LPR
-Bob Long 360 reg
-S-class trigger
-Bob Long cam drive on/off ASA
-Contract killer grips
-Bob Long 2 piece 14" barrel
-Excellent condition

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