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Dye DM7: $350 FIRM


-Factory dust black to cobalt fade Dye DM7
-Hyper 2 reg
-Dye airport on/off ASA
-Dye reach trigger
-Aftermarket clamping feedneck
-Padded carrying case (proto)
-Dye 2 piece 14" UL tip (has tip wear, otherwise great condition)

Bob Long 2k2 Dragon Intimidator: $350 FIRM


-Factory fade gloss black to green fade dragon intimidator with Chrome accents
-Shocktech Supafly bolt
-Bob Long frenzy board
-Bob Long torpedo reg
-Dragon parts include; Body, LPR, trigger guard)
-Texas Storm trigger
-Bob Long twist lock feedneck
-CP 1 piece 14" barrel
-Dye psi gauge
-Bob Lond direct mount ASA

Naughty Dogs Bob Long Intimidator: $350 FIRM


-Gloss black to red fade ND Timmy, PL pawprint milled body
-Infamous Tadao board
-Bob Long torpedo reg
-Bob Long alias bolt
-Jockstrap mod (goes over trigger screw, organizes hosing better)
-Critical trigger
-Adjustable ram cap
-Hybrid hedloc feedneck
-Newest gen LPR (has some tool marks)
-CP rail
-Kapp on/off ASA with red fitting
-Great overeall condition

Shocktech Hookup Ebladed Autococker: $315 FIRM


-Hard to find Shocktech Hookup series Autococker body in factory dust red
-Original matching backblock, VA, and feedneck
-Planet Eclipse E1 Eblade
-Planet Eclipse ZeroB board
-Shocktech Supafly bolt with WGP pullpin
-Shocktech gloss red (rare color) LPR
-Shocktech Ram
-Aftermarket reg (similar to torpedo reg)
-Aftermarket ASA
-Shocktech Lower internals
-Shocktech beavertail
-Matching 2 piece 14" barrel
-Just recently teched and tuned by PaintballGateway
-Excellent condition

Smart Parts Dynasty SFT shocker: SOLD


-Factory gloss dynasty blue private label '05 Dynasty SFT shocker
-Dynasty body jewels intact (rare)
-Dynasty milled body, frame (DYNASTY is spelled on the back of the frame), -VA, reg, and snatch grip
-7th element board
-HE bolt and HE firing can
-Freeflow bolt guide
-FBM Delrin rake trigger
-SPD "rogue status" panel grips (some minor wear, feel great)
-CCM midrise feedneck (Looks to have been threaded in and JB welded as well, extremely sturdy)
-Custom milled PE rail
-PE OOPS on/off ASA
-Gun is currently blind (shoots flawlessly eyes off), but an EXTRA working eye will be included!

Infinity Legend: $275 FIRM


-Dust blue V2 infinity legend
-CP shorty reg
-Hybrid .45 grips
-Clamping feedneck
-Function push button on/off ASA
-CP 1 piece 14" V2 barrel
-Original box and original manual
-Original blank warranty card (for collectors)
-Excellent condition, could probably pass for new (will not find another legend in this condition, let alone with the box!)

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