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Originally Posted by PistolRogue View Post
While I'd never try and do it myself, converting the AGA to .50 has its merits... To be honest I don't think it would be that hard, as 1/2" ID tubing is way more common than .68 compatible tubing, and since there are less obstructions/openings between the valve and the ball on an AGA it will most likely get better velocity and efficiency with .50 cal.

well yea it would get better FPS but its basically the same valve. It's just the .62 break better then the .50. Honestly there isnt much paint in a .50cal ball.. not compared to a .68, even a .62 ball has a much "juicier" fill. The shell on most of the .50 I shot was rock hard, even when I bought a "fresh" batch. whatever that means really
Honestly unless you are an airsmith or put some custom work into your crosman I think they got the same number of shots(I owned both but cant recall atm) Its just the FPS is way better on the .50 due to its lighter mass but accuracy was awful and I still got a ton of barrel breaks, where as in the AGA i didnt get as many(bigger overbore on those)
Both guns have their pros and cons. I personally like the .62cal crosman revolver I had. If my field would let me use .62 I would have never let it go.

The only problem with grabbing the whole 357 off amazon is the seller might not ship to your particular state. I know most will not ship pellet guns to NJ as I believe they are somehow illegal here. Not sure on the particulars of other states/regions.

Yea I guess there is that. Didnt think about all those different state laws. Always 3rd party it I suppose. Just break it down before mail or something.
LOL so how is your DSG not Illegal.. or the DRV.. or half the stuff you own I bet just playing

But of course I'm going to be the idiot who tries to go the opposite way on this one and convert it to .68 instead.
^ Ill give you a shiny nickel if you can pull that off with usable velocity and no jamming issues. It also has to look somewhat pretty too tho Rogue.
I still think Calamity looks good but if you have like stuff hanging out the side, under and over it I dont think it counts as a real AGA anymore


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