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Originally Posted by IrishRedneck86 View Post
Well Im a welder and fabricator by trade but Ive been in and out of work and dont have access to a drill press or lathe any more otherwise I would be doing the conversion myself . Cause what I would do is widen the barrel for a 1/4inch down to make a shelf for the new .50cal barrel insert that was turned on the lathe to sit in and not lose it. the new feed tubes would basically be the same as stock just smaller inside diameter. The only thing I havent figured out is the mods for the elevator so it comes up to the right position.
If you're just putting centered inserts in each bore, and a centered insert in the elevator, there's no alignment issues to worry about, you're not changing any of the center-to-center dimensions. Now if you're trying to some fancy offset nonsense you're going to have issues....

LOL so how is your DSG not Illegal.. or the DRV.. or half the stuff you own I bet just playing
It's not illegal here because it looks real, it's illegal because bb/pellet guns are outlawed. I think it's an FPS/solid projectile thing, haven't really looked into but I know I've seen many vendors with "Can Not Ship to NY/NJ/etc." before...
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