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Originally Posted by redthirst View Post
Gaunt's Ghost is an amazing series of pulp novels. If I don't want to think about what I'm reading too hard - which is the vast majority of the time - they're perfect.

Horus Heresy stuff is hit-or-miss... I wish they'd keep the stuff in some sort of order and have someone who knows their shiz to proof-read for continuity. The first 3 Lunar Wolves and the Emperor's Children books were great, though.
thats what i like about series you get other person idea or storyline on it. instead of having base line to follow you get bunch story with different style to it. recall this most expect it to be like start of it. they want change it up show case back story's story you might get too see in war. also give you chance to try out other writers. each has there own style of writing. main reason i loved Writers of the Future books gave writes chance to show case there work and give people chance to try them out.
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