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Originally Posted by uv_halo View Post
In my opinion, this acquisition is intended to primarily serve the Less-Lethal side of Tiberius Arms.

Historically, I've heard from several sources that the 13/3K regs included with their Tank in Stock product came from Ninja (I can't confirm because I've never owned one nor, have I asked Ray about this, and if it were true, he probably would not be able to affirm).

Presently, all of their less-lethal offerings (the FN303P sold under FN Herstehl, The T4) are designed to be operated off of CO2. If they wanted to get those customers over to compressed air (like the competing FN303 Rifle), they need to do one of two things: Form a 'teaming agreement' with Ninja (or another tank manufacturer) to provide the regs and support, or get their own tank production and support capability. If they buy their own capability, obviously they get more of the profit in the long run.

I hate to say it but, Less-Lethal customers drive Tiberius Arms. TA provides great customer support (troubleshooting, spares, etc) but, the entire paintball side of the business is riding in the back seat. This is why we rarely see new paintball products from them.
To further illustrate, when I found through several 20 shot, documented, chrono strings, that the original rifled barrel forces T9.1 users to adjust the reg outside of it's optimal adjustment range, and thereby decreasing FPS consistency, Tiberius Arms essentially said, 'the engineers have too many Less-Lethal products to work on for us to investigate this issue'.

Guerilla Air will keep their paintball business but, I bet you there will be no more Ninja regs included with Tiberius products. I also strongly suspect that this is in support of the development of a 'T4.1' which will probably see the light of day in the less-lethal industry first, and the paintball industry later. Regulator design knowledge may also help Tiberius improve the secondary regs built into their guns.

Finally, I've tried both Ninja and Guerilla air regs with my smoothbore T9.0, while shooting First Strike rounds. The Ninja system clearly improved the consistency of the T9.0 while using a LAPCO .690 smoothbore FS barrel. Punkworks testing has also showed the Ninja reg to be more consistent.

That post has good evidence showing the recharge/shootdown on the myth, and that whole thread has some good info, even if it got ridiculos by the end. I have a myth reg though, and dont notice any issues with it. IMO that thread ended up as the "lets hate on GA without any reason or evidence because everyone else is doing it" thread, even if there were one or two people putting up valid test info and stuff.
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