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Originally Posted by Cale View Post
So, I was going to ask this on the Automag forum, but I was having trouble registering over there. So I'm hoping you guys can help me out. I'm getting ready to upgrade my automag from a Classic Level 7 Valve to an X Valve:

There's the mag I'm running.Y Frame, ULE Body, Ninja Tank, and a 68 Classic Valve. Here's the questions I have:

If I don't have any extra parts for my 'mag, should I just order a new valve instead of buying a used one? I figure I'm going to need all of the spacers and whatnot to fine tune the level 10.

Without an intelliframe, will I still see an increase in BPS? I'm planning on taking a shim out of my ninja reg to increase my PSI into the valve, but I really don't want to install electronics or additional pneumatics.

I'm chopping paint with my 12v revvy. What's a good hopper that will feed about the same speed as an X Valve? There's some nice Halo's floating around on the BST.

I think that's it, any other advice for upgrading?
The x-valve comes with a lvl10 bolt you shouldn't have anymore chop issues, you can buy used just make sure the seller also has carriers and shims included with the valve they are selling. LVL10 bolt has it specific requirements in shims and carriers they are different that the lvl7 bolt spacers.
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