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TAW Scenarios is now under new ownership

Just saw this over on the Nation:

From the Facebook page....

Big News.
We have finished changing over all permits and licenses. TAW Scenarios is under new ownership.
We will strive to continue the rich scenario paintball experience that you have come to know over the years. We will carried on traditions started Big D.
We will be focused on fun, sportsmanship and customer service . We are excited to begin this adventure and hope you will come on this adventure with us!
We welcome player input and look forward to meeting everyone in person . You can always message us on the forums, here or send us an email
Drew (Hexxer) and Jeanne (Itsatushy) Garland

Alot of new things and changes so please come out and help support taw and get Hoshings field back on the map again please
If you have any qustions you can pm Drew,Jeanne, or myself and we will help you anyway we can.

I highlit part of it in red, as this is from Nation, so those usernames are from the Nation, not here. You can read the original thread here:

Taw Scenarios is now under new Ownership.

I left out the Facebook link, as they don't say anything on their Facebook page, yet. But here is a link to their site, for anyone interested: WELCOME TO TAW SCENARIOS! DON'T JUST PLAY THE GAME....LIVE IT! (SM)
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