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This review is not complete. I still have to add a few more pictures and any additional info that BDAZLE sends me. so fo now here is what I have

As far as pricing, please contact BDAZLE. He is the maker and creator of this mask carrier. He will be able to give you more details on buying and colors.

BDAZLE, please contact me with any additional info I have not added, such as company name, colors offered, addition mask info, who else will be carrying this item. Anything else you can think of that I forgot or need to correct

While on a recent trip to Japan, I came across this mask carrier. What I first noticed about the item was the quality craftsmanship and the attention to detail.
Upon further investigation for information, I found out that “BDAZLE”, formerly of “Special Ops” was the creator and distributor.

I contacted him via email and ask him to bring one to Super Game 43 in Oregon. Up on receiving this item, I left him with this thought “You do realize I’m going to review the HELL out of this item”. He smiled and said “Go for it, I want you to”.

So here it is, let’s rip this thing apart and show the quality features, also the PROS and CONS of owning one.

I’ll be using three different mask for the example:


SLY Profit

RAP 4 Hawkeye

The Exterior:

Just looking at it, you can tell that the whole carrier is internally padded. Sewn on the back is a carry handle and a Velcro strap to attach the case to your vest or wall hanger.
500 D Cordura. Excellent fabric and very strong. Color I chose was Multicam. Full metal zipper all the way around the top. Double stiched for streangth and reliaibility. No binding when trying to close.


A nice no scratch sports mesh. Very soft. 3 separate compartments. Two for lens or other items and one for the mask.

Fit in very well without issues:

Closed just fine:

SLY Profit:
Had to put in at a slight cantor but fit with out issues.

Closed just fine

RAP4 Hawkeye:
Fit was perfect. Looking at the pictures it looks like it’s sticking out to high. But it isn’t.

Closed just fine without any issues.

Since I have spare lenses for all my mask, here are pictures with them and the mask together.

coming very soon


I’m a stickler for sewing. I’ve been know to unstitch an item, just to see how well it was made. However not in this case, I like this carrier. Now if BDAZLE is will ing to send me one to tear down and evaluate, no problem
I really respect a company or person who can build a quality soft good. That means that my money stays with them.
Trust me when I say, I have not run into many in my 25 yrs of paint balling.
I went over this case from top to bottom, inside and out with a flash light and could not find one bad stich or loose thread. It was perfect and well made


From what I can tell the padding around the main body of the mask case is about
1/4” open cell foam. The top cover seems to be the same with a hard plastic shell about 3/16” for added protection.

This is just enough to protect you mask from the abuse of luggage handlers at the airport, to stacking gear on top when on the road while in your roll away gear bag.
I wouldn’t try and stack a ton of stuff on top or run it over with a car anytime soon.

Colors available:

What I have seen available. However with different fabric comes different price. You will have to contact BDAZLE about pricing.




Did I get my monies worth:

I sure did and more. I know atleast one mask will be padded at all times. I have a plce to store spare lens and my Fog Doc. Perhaps even more. I haven't pushed this case to the limit yet. I know I'm going to get some good yrs of service out of this case and when I decide to sell it, I hope the next owner gets the same.

So yep they are worth it,every cent. I'm hoping that others will chime in with pictures of other mask, that way we can get an actual list of what mask can fit in this case.

So let me hear your thoughts and questions.


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