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Finally got to try my Fusion FX

Headed out to the field this weekend with new to me Fusion FX. Gun shot awesome all day long. Had it set up with a 68/4500 on a CP drop forward, a Prophecy loader, and a 14" Freak kit for a barrel. Stayed in semi most of the day.

Last game of the day was on a small field with a flag in the middle. We had to keep our color on top. I decided I would put the marker in ramp and hose the flag station if anyone got near it. Tactic was working great until my marker just stopped. Couldn't get it going again.

Got it home and tore it down. Found the TechT Law ram had almost completely unscrewed itself. Put the ram back together with a little blue Loctite to help it from happening again. Took it outside to shoot and she's back in business.

Yesterday was the first time I got to shoot the gun. I'm pretty impressed with it. Incredibly simple design.
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