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Well shoot, Aedes build hit a bit of a wall

So I decided to take on a build many have thought about but I haven't seen many try...a full Aedes build. It's going on a year and a half now, and I've hit a bit of a wall. Here's what I have so far, and what the problems are. Maybe someone smarter than I can help.

Full specs, looks, and operation:
Brass body with fixed .678 barrel and internal detent (from Ty McNeer) with Ego Lapco feedneck
Viking Diet Milled Frame with UTB
Azodin reg---suprisingly pretty solid
CCM elbows and CP on/off
Custom Bolt (from Yoda900 on PBN/MCB)
It'll be getting either a full black durocoat, or very possibly a hawaiian fade from black to hibiscous to red. Here it is as it stands.

The bolt is a two stage bolt, with a mainspring and a bumper spring to slow it down in the cycle. This is literally the 7th generation bolt. We tried mag style, and it literally ripped the bolt in half (delrin and aluminum---completely destroyed). Bolt is based around the Aedes automations from ZDSPB.

So here are the two problems. I have bolt reset issues, and the worlds most efficient air powered blender. The reset i think can get taken care of with spring tuning, and may even be able to use a madman spring set if I open it internally a tiny, tiny bit (currently I can slide them in, but their locked against the internal wall---nothing some sanding can't fix). The other issue is trickier. It has a BIG blowback issue. This thing breaks balls like an angry stripper. I have no clue how in the world DW got around it. Does anyone have any ideas? The only thing I think of would be maybe slapping an o-ring on the back of the bolt head, but I worry that it'll get eaten up like it's nothing. We previously had some internally on the bolt, and they lasted roughly two to three shots. It's insane how violent the MQ2 really is. I'm determined to get this thing on the field, and I know those that have helped me out have viewed it as a personal challenge to get it running. It looks like it just has a couple baby steps left, but I'm not sure how to get over them. Any ideas are appreciated.
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