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Originally Posted by super_stanchy View Post
Left side powerfeed, not a horizontal warp... Just a basic left feed
Wait, this is somewhat of a contradiction.

A "powerfeed" body has a feedtube running perpendicular to the breech, and allows paintballs to enter one side, hit a "powerfeed plug" at the bottom of the tube, and drop into the breech. A "powerfeed left" body is sometimes identified as a "warp left, hopper right", because on this kind of body you can have a warp feed attached to the left side, or if you just use an elbow and a hopper it will be offset to the right.

A "standard feed" (right, left or center) has the feedtube ending right at the breech. There's no powerfeed plug involved.


Standard feed:


Of course, these are different than the ULE varieites, which are either center feed or warp left or warp right. On the ULE bodies (and Tac One, other variants) the "warp left" or "warp right" indicates a 90* feed out the left or right side of the body.
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