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For the millionth time more flow is not the answer
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More flow
was never the goal here! This thread was started to make the nelson valve more efficient. Early on it was realized that this could be accomplished by smoothing out the gas flow. First, eliminate bottle necking of gas at the cup seal. Second, make the smoothest flow path for the gas so it can get to, and act on the ball as quickly as possible. There was a series of post about just how big you could make the passage holes at the cup seal and still keep the tube strength. Another on if it was possible to increase the total area of the passage holes to be greater than the PT outlet hole. And yet another on just how much you could increase the flow rate to. Could we make a valve equal to cocker lp flow capabilities? Lots of ideas but not much being made to test them.

So I made my LP valve just to prove it was all possible. I made it to show the extreme possibilities. However it needs more volume behind the valve and a very light hammer to shorten the dwell time. My design has some bugs but it was a huge jump in efficiency.

However… More Flow at lower pressure w/ a short controlled valve dwell, to release an exact volume repeatedly… that IS the answer.
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