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Originally Posted by infamoussmiley View Post
Yep, that will work, plus the EXC even with the expansion chamber does not have that much internal volume, so compressed air output of 850+ will work good. Just a note though...Other VM-68s with huge expansion chambers have too much internal volume for compressed air. In the past, internal volume on the VMs was created to control the pressure spikes with CO2 which made the velocity super nasty.

Holy carp! You mean there were (are?) larger expansion chambers than the EXC?

I always thought that the one on my EXC-68 was pushing the limit, size-wise. Sheridan did a great job of integrating its design into the marker, it worked well for CO2, and it makes a perfect grip, but it's still not exactly dainty.

Of course, now that I think about it, there was that one Black Rain model...
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