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Originally Posted by C-juice View Post
I can do whatever I feel like and if I gave you a hard time about it big deal..... I think its funny how pissed you are over minor ****! I could be a bigger Dick just cause you are but I'm not going to bother with your stupid *** or buying your gun from you ....... Lost a sell for being a Dick!, and ps **** you too guy, I've been on here a long time with a different name so I don't care what your deal is just shut up and get your gun sold as I see theirs no one else on this thread but US!
Wow, are you for real on this forum? It is always amazing how people act when they think they're anonymous because they have a forum name. Please go back the Nation. Thanks!
I'll share my paint with you, but it might be broken when you get it.

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I'm sure there's a few more around here somewhere.....
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