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What the hell is this loader? Autofeed?

Well I've got this loader that I picked up from a garage sale around 5-6 years ago. All it says is "Autofeed, made in England" nothing else anywhere. Runs on 9 volts. It has two paddles inside (one on both ends of the loader) that work just like the revvy, it also has eyes (that still work) just like the revvy. Weird thing is, see how it has a pod lid at each end? Well one of those opens up and you get the inside of the loader, just like any other hoppers lid. The other one is just a space for the battery. So does anyone know anything about this thing? Sorry about the crappy picture, I don't have a camera, just a webcam and a cell phone

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If that was a sincere comment you need to lay off the peyote.
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Chug some V8, then chug a little Tabasco and take a shot of vodka and you've got a ceaser. Take anything after a PBR, and all you've got is some nasty-*** PBR and whatever else you drank.
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