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Ragewo1f's gearbag sale!

Got a bunch of gear for sale, prices are negotiable.
come and check in every few weeks, will be posting more gear as i come across it.

Prices DO NOT include shipping

Proto 08 SLG, some feedneck ware. comes in a make-shift case with a few orings 7.5/10

BT-4 combat, comes with everything it would new, aside form warranty card, must have misplaced it or something. nut in bolt in place for on the the screws holdig on the grip frame, works fine. 9/10

marq QD bolt and ramshaft, i believe this is the model that fits the supercharge engine. Never been used, brand new.

HK all over XXL, someone threw this in in a shipment, to big for me. 8/10

Pink and white JT flex, double white ears, pink strap. Currently moisture in between the panes of the thermal. will be gone by the time someone buys it

proto EL swhich.

torque loader. OG PVC feedneck, works like a champ though, has a speedfeed adapter included.

2004 dye pants, very light pants, though not as much padding, small rip in the knee. Large. waist is probably about a 34

45/45 bottle, im fairly sure the thing is brand new, cant fins a nick or anything on it, although it is quite old, last hydro date was in 02, so therefore it needs to be hydroed. Has DOT stamp.

CCI teloscopic t-stock, can include hardware if need be.

Tank regs, left one is old as old can be, no gauges or anything, and needs an oring on the inner piston (BN 007) and is LP. Black is a gorilla 3k, works 100%, although the threads are stripped

vlocity, has a Sr shell on it with a speed feed adapter glued on, no speedfeed though. Also comes with a fully in tact dynasty Jr. shell (with lid) Internals are fully dynasty'd, in no hurry to get rid of this

turquoise flex bottoms, strap is cut, scratched on on the noes abit

two spyder barrels, one is an unknown CF barrel, with a larger boar, 14in. The other is an aero raven with a boar of around 685, its are milled out with grooves not unlike the hammerhead barrel, from what i understand these are rare ish. 12in.
$35 ea.

cci 12g changer

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