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Last thursday i got home from work, and the postman left a note that there was a package waiting the next day at the post office for me (signature confirmation)

So, i was hoping it was the package CCM sent me... But there was also a package from dealextreme due.. Turned out to be the dealextreme package.

This morning the doorbell rang... Could this be it? No, it was just a neighbour from the apartment complex i live in. I tried to fix one of the lights in his stairwell, but as i feared the fixture burned out, so i will have to replace it next week. (i do this voluntarily to save money on our apartment expences, bought the damn place)

After breakfast and coffee, i take a shower... There goes the doorbell again... 2 rings usually means the postman... I try to get as quick as possible to the door, almost slipping, and only wearing a towel... It was the postman allright, but again not the package i'm dying to get...

Turns out to be the stock class wrist harnesses i've ordered last thursday...


Sorry for the rant, i just so want my CCM parts to come in.
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