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There is some downrange video coming from Crimson Death's gopro mounted on our victims head, but these are just some quick iPhone ones from the range at Piccaso Lake.

fooling around at the range:

what a field owner thinks of the SR-1

Couple things we learned,

The FSR adjustable riser is the ticket as far as sighting these with a red dot.
Red dot seems to be the ticket as far as shooting these at distance.
12 grams are not bullets, they do not go in the shell, no matter how natural it feels to be putting them in the breech.

Patience is required to get these dialed.
you need to run your gun around 275 280 fps on paint in order to chrono around 300 with First strikes.

These guns get looks, compliments, and puddles of drool.
More to come.
Thanks Bill!!!!!

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