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Originally Posted by SKULL View Post
jerryjackson69, i know the old pp-19 is a bad-boy, but i just wondered what it could be in the future, its helical mag is already unique, i see it coming out more modern one day such as the good old AK47 has.

glad you like it enough to watch this, ill try not to let ya down.
Modernized AK-47's are sin! I can live with synthetic furniture on some AK-74's, and even the AK-100 series, but if its a 47 of any sort that foregrip had better be wood, and the stock should be wood or metal. And no rails besides an old fashioned Kalashnikov side mount.

That being said, I don't mind non-wood on guns, I love Heckler & Koch guns (although I'm not a fan of their company) I'm just tired on classic old guns having a foregrip with a bunch of rails slapped on it.

The helical mags look cool, but I still find them impractical. The PP-19 01 Vityaz is my favorite. Especially with a wood foregrip

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