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Originally Posted by sugarstump View Post
Back in the day the 'slot blockers' were made by taking black 10 round 'TOURNAMENT' tubes and cutting them, like I have in the picture. The 'Tournament' tubes are different than the common ones today. Primarily they were softer plastic (not the hard brittle style that they use today), and they were bigger on the inside. So you never had that last paintball stuck in the bottom of the tube. They also didn't have the rings around the outside of the tube, just smooth down the entire sides. They were easy to cut out with scissors. The one's these days are almost impossible to cut like this. Later on Adventure Game Supplies (then TASO) came out with an actual cover kit you could buy, but they were much thicker than the tube material. We old crawling players put these in place to keep out the dirt.

These were original TASO slot covers I have always loved them.


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