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Originally Posted by shadawg View Post
Nice ninja edit. Hope to have some down range shots w/video tomorrow.
Bill you have got to get Trinity over here playing with the rest of us.
Oh I am here and I've been watching for awhile. Just like on the field. You won't know I'm there until I wiggle the front of my gun barrel and tell you where I am.

Actually, until last weekend I hadn't seen the gun so I was content to just read what you guys had to say (yes, I waded through every post on the SR1) to get a feel for what people were saying. Now that I am using Bill's prototype, you will be seeing more of me here. As I said on my Blog, I am waiting on a new air adaptor so I can run the gun HPA and I will be ordering furniture tomorrow. I will up at Supergame in Oregon next month and I want to be ready to roll with the SR1 by then. I am now using a video cam mounted on my mask so I will be putting together both video and pictures from there.

I can tell you the Flasc suppressor screws on the end of the barrel and while it makes the whole thing really long, it certainly looks cool. Don't know if the suppressor affects accuracy (which I know it does with the rifled barrels). I don't think it will do so with the smoothbore CCM barrel. Don't know why, but it just seems to open the pattern up a bit out of a rifled Hammerhead and Lapco barrels but not with the stock smoothbore Tiberius barrel.

I will also be doing some downfield sound tests because the Flasc suppressor is supposed to redirect the sound back behind the shooter. It seemed to work well on the T9.1 but now that I have a decibel meter I will be able to tell you exactly how much quieter.

I mounted my Bushnell Banner 1-4x on top of a HHA Optimizer, on top of a Killjoy APR 2. I don't like how high it is. It certainly is a lot of junk on top of the gun, but the combination should make it a real joy to shoot all the way out to 100 yards using just the crosshair and no holdover whatsoever. Frankly, I have started to think that 80 yards is probably the outer limit for shooting first strikes with any real consistency. At 100 yards even a tiny bit of wind sends that first strike off course because it's travelling so slowly.
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