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Pile of Poo 2 Build

I'll be posting up pictures and progress I make for the Pile of Poo Build Off here. I started with a beat up old Tippmann Pro-Lite rental gun. Originally, I bought it from rick here on MCB so that I could steal the foregrip and put it on my Factory F/A. But it's perfect for the build off, so I'll make it as awesome as $100 permits.

This post is my official entry, but the rest of the thread will serve to document the build process for those interested in seeing the work.


To start, here are some pics from Rick's sale thread. The one shown is not necessarily mine, but all of them were in more or less similar condition.

Here's a picture I took after clean up compared to a Pro-Carbine. The Pro-Carb is a pretty good representation of what the Pro-Lite used to look like.

Internal Modifications

In grip Palmers Stabilizer;

Delrin front bolt, stainless steel power tube, weighted hammer(to get the thing to cycle) & an extra o-ring groove on the valve;


First Strike Capable;

Total Cost

I'll keep a running total by editing this section, so everyone knows at a glance how much went into this.

Pro-Lite (I'm pretty sure this doesn't count toward the $100 total, but just in case.); $36
O-ring kit; $8
6" of delrin square stock, $40 for 4'; $5
Uncle Mikes sling swivel, only one from a pack of two; $8
1/8" Pipe Plug $1.80
Full stick of JB Weld epoxy putty $8
New Drive Spring $3
New Valve Snap Ring $1
Macro Fitting $5
About 2oz (half a bottle) of Duracoat $9.50
Annodizing; $60/18 parts batch anno*2 parts used (nameplate & stock adapter) = $7.00

Total Excluding original Poo; $56.30

Any other parts or raw materials that I did not purchase myself were not included in the cost. I've got access to a scrap rack at work and materials dont cost me anything. Spare parts are hand-me-downs that came off other guns I've upgraded, so those were kinda free too.
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