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Why don't we keep our attention on whether it WORKS as advertised and let hydrotech worry about whether it will SELL.
Every time some new product comes out we get a 20 page thread, with 18 of them filled with people telling us they won't sell because they're A. too expensive B. not what people want C. Too cheaply made.
Don't forget the unspoken hipster D. "I didn't see 'em first and don't get to take credit for discovering them, so I've got to crap on a product I know nothing about".

NOONE knows anything about the paint market in the US, so you're all just guessing what will sell or won't.

Save your clairvoyance for lotto tickets, then you can afford good paint!

Not anyone at RPS with any authority knows squat and not Draxxus either at least.
RPS wouldn't have sent a truck of uncured walmart junk in tournament boxes to the living legends game's THOUSANDS of customers, while sending a perfectly crafted truck of artisan quality paint to the hundreds at the NPPL field 150 YARDS AWAY if they did.
All we had to do was walk over there to see that we were getting the shaft on purpose. Alot of us did.
RPS sends subquality product to everyone except their favorites. So I left there saying if you want good paint and don't have their logo tattooed on your forehead, stay away from RPS!!!
Draxxus has in the past done exactly the same sort of thing, I'm sure the others are guilty too.

If this paint works as advertised, if the managers aren't such knuckleheads they torpedo their own business before it starts and they're able to deliver product consistently it will sell unbelievably.

The paint companies are like a character in a mortal combat game, staggering back and forth with finish me written across their chests. A really well managed company with any ethical standards at all could shove them right down, take their lunch money and send them home.

Draxxus over the last few years before Battaglia got it back(we'll see..) had screwed Hell Survivors in Mi so bad they decided to let RPS send a test batch of evil tournament for players to try.
Bear in mind that Hell Survivors sells between 10-20 MILLION paintballs a year(this number based on number of trucks I've seen unloaded at the field versus # of paintballs on a truck and is in no way official).

Yes, that's right. RPS sent us uncured poop.
I couldn't shoot 2 TPX mags without a break, we couldn't even find 2 in a bag with the E logo the same size on them. The guys at Draxxus owe them dinner, at least!

More consistent, accurate paint IS an unfilled niche market right now...
Because markers have been designed to put up with and cover up horrible crap with high volume.
Modern markers have no consistent design motto other than accuracy by volume.
Just like bad 12grams, mostly from crosman killed the lever changer, bad paint has killed any marker that can't hose enough out to compensate.
When good consistent paint becomes available, ultra high ROF will slowly go away, no longer necessary.

If every paintball, or even most, goes where you aim it, you don't need to throw ropes down a lane for 5 minutes at $1 a second. You just wait for someone to try it, then shoot them.

I'll buy these and I bet I'll be in a line when I do!

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