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(this might already have been brought up) about the weight concern, which most of us serious guys have brought up in discussion: the 2.8 gram paint may not fly as far, but it will shoot higher velocities than heavier paint, so efficiency in stock class markers will be superior. Also, people are saying the paint will bounce on a drop test but breaks extremely well on target... I wonder if it will also be more resistant to breakage in a high pressure/SC gun chronoed at 300 FPS? Very interested to try this stuff for those two reasons. reduced range is a fair trade for excellent consistency and efficiency.

(also, it's very fair to assume that in time, Hydrotec may produce a heavier round by using higher density additives in the fill, I think that would be a popular next step along with the obvious move to a reduced cost product for field grade use)

edit: also... .686 size... glad to see they didn't try to go right down to .680.
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