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You realize when you are putting the dwell that low, it is making the firing cycle extremely violent for the marker? The dwell sets how long it takes your marker to release the set amount of air. When you put the dwell lower, it will get you better efficiency but less smoothness and it shreds orings and other parts faster. On the flipside, higher dwell will make your marker smoother with less wear and tear.

Quote from a guy on pbnation:

Originally Posted by piggman2
Higher dwell= smoother shot= less efficient. Too high and you just waste air.

Lower dwell = harder shooting marker= more efficient. Being that you'll need to raise hpr pressure so more air will pass the valve in the reduced dwell time to allow for desired velocity.

After being broken in you can reduce dwell and still have a smooth shot, I've gone as low as 7.0 with no shoot down but out of fear of crushing the reg seat prematurely I've just left the dwell at 12.5. It still gives me plenty of air with a 68/45.

At 3 ms, I can only imagine what you're doing to your marker D:
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